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Nacka, Stockholms län, 131 36

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The award winning Drosselmeyer Nut Cracker™ makes nutcracking a pleasure for young and old. Simply drop a nut into the cone, cover the top and press the handle.

Perfectly cracked nuts without the mess! 5 year warranty icluded.

Materials: Precision die-casted zinc

Colours: Red, Charcoal and Grey

Design by Erik von Schoultz and Joakim Norin



The Drosselmeyer Crab Cracker™ is the ultimate tool when eating cray fish, crab and lobster. Our patented precision design uses an integrated spring-loaded handle and an open front gripping jaw to fit any size of claw or leg.

The shell cracks easily without staining your party outfit. 5 year warranty

Material: Stainless spring steel Made in Germany

Design by Erik von Schoultz and Joakim Norin

Tea Infuser

The Drosselmeyer Tea Infuser™ is simply an elegant spoon with a micro perforated sliding lid.

Works with even the finest teas. Slide the lid back to fill with your favorite tea. Slide the lid forward and you’re ready to brew.

Material: Stainless steel front. Stainless steel or black polycarbonate spoon. 

Design by Erik von Schoultz

Orb candle holder

The ORB  let the candles burn all way down, safely with minimum waste and collects the last of thecandle insidethe Orb.

Material: solid caste iron

Design by Erik von Schoultz



Ice Tray set

The Drosselmeyer Ice Tray™ makes big ice to keep your drink cool longer. The ice pops out easily, one-by-one or all at once.

The trays are stackable, saving freezer space.

Materials: Food safe polypropylene

Colors: Set of 3 in black, white and lime Made in Sweden

Design by Erik von Schoultz and Joakim Norin